The door swings open, the senses come to life; wondrous aromas of the old country, of home-style, traditional cooking, waft about, tempting the senses. Fine cookware (both standard and unusual fare), imported tea, coffee, pasta and other gourmet items fill the brightly lit room's shelves.

From the moment you enter, it's evident that this is a special place. At the core of it all is a family tradition for service that stretches from the historic canal town of Fairport, New York, across the ocean to Italy.

The groundwork was laid in 1930 when Elviro Lombardi, a native of Amalfi, Italy, took to growing and selling produce from the family's orchards and vineyards to support his sisters.

Oranges, olives, olive oil, wine - these were but a few of the old world staples the Lombardi family offered its local clientele. Always, the emphasis was on quality, unsurpassed selection, and customer service.

Those same values were passed on to his children, who have placed the satisfaction of their patrons above all else since arriving state side over
 thirty-five years ago.

The Lombardi Family
has provided old-world
 top quality products and service
for two generations!

Our heritage, history and experience
serve to bring you the very best
in gourmet foods, gifts items and
all you need for your kitchen and table.

Call 1-800-784-6875 or 585-388-1330
Visit 124 N. Main St., Fairport, NY
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