Pasta Machines & Accessories
Pasta Machine Motorizer
Save prep time and elbow grease with this powerful, quiet 2-speed motor.
Automates hand-crank pasta machines instantly. Use it in the middle of your counter if you want; no table clamp needed. Made in Italy. No. 180
Imperia Noodle Chef
Attention to detail makes this Italy's original premium-quality noodler. 6-inch dough roller and cutter for spaghetti and fettuccine. A true classic! No. 150
Imperia Cutter Attachments
No. 150-01 Angel Hair Capelli d'Angelo, less than ''/,b" (1 mm) extra fine No. 150-03 Trenette, 3/16" (4mm)
No. 150-05 Lasagnette, 1 /2" (12mm)
No. 150-06 Spaghetti, 1 /8" (2mm), "round" at noodle cross section No. 150-13 Double Head: #1 and #3 cutters combined
Ampia Pasta Maker
OMC Marcato of Italy (maker of the popular Atlas pasta machines) brings you economical design and efficiency. Non-removable cutter 
head rolls out the same 6"-wide dough and cuts the same size spaghetti and fettuccine as the Atlas product. No. 173
AtlasŪ Electric Pasta Machine   No. 185
Featuring the mix, roll & cut system-3 easy steps to light, consistent homemade pasta;
1. Place flour and eggs into mixing chamber. The Atlas Electric Pasta Machine thoroughly mixes and kneads 1'h lb of dough.
2. Remove dough and let it rest. Attach roller and roll out 6" wide sheets, from 1/8" thick to paper-thin.
3. Attach cutter for spaghetti (1/16") or fettuccine (1/4").
  • Far superior to pasta made with electric extruder-type pasta machines
  • See-through lid for better control
  • Safety switch, nonskid rubber feet for stable operation
  • Right-sized at 12'/4 x 6'/4 x 8'/4'
  • Made in Italy
 Beebo Cavatelli Maker
A revival of the original, old-fashioned Italian pasta dumpling maker. Easy-to-use, prepare a meal in minutes. Makes them large or small. Use the potato recipe to make great gnocchi! No. 5300
Semolina Pasta Flour
Making your own pasta? Don't use ordinary flour. For authentic pasta there's no substitute for the finest durum semolina, specially milled with a slightly sandy texture. 
1 1/2 lb box. No. 472
Pasta Tecnica Cookbook 
Knowlegable pasta enthusiast, Pat Bruno presents this step-by-step guide on basic pasta making. We recommend it. Large 8 1/2 x 11, 122 pages. No. 506.
Pasta Drying Rack
The Pasta Drying Rack is simply traditional, lightweight, natural wood that folds flat for easy storage.  Colorful gift box.
1. Rotary Spaetzle Maker -
Grate the soft dough mixture over a boiling pot and... instant dumplings! Hopper 7" dia.., 3/8" holes. Recipes, made in Austria. No. 355

2. Viennese Spaetzle Maker - By far the most popular model. Austria push-pull, easy sliding action. Hopper 5" dia., 5/16" holes. Recipes, made in Austria. No. 350

3. Spaetzle Press & Ricer - Presses fine Spaetzle through 1/8 inch holes. Heavyweight die cast aluminum, 16" long. No. 360

Ravioli Rolling Pin

A traditional hardwood pin, 21" long, 
Made in Italy. No. 513
Ravioli Stamps

In large sizes
No. 425-03
2-1/2" circles
No. 430   2-1/2" square
Krimp Kut Sealer
One pass cuts, crimps and seals. USA. No. 42
Pasta Cutter
Ravioli Makers
- Extra heavy weight. Rigid all-metal top form plate.
Non skid rubber feet.  Comes in handy storage box with recipes.

No 5500 - Large 2-1/2" squares, 10 at-a-time

No 5400 - Regular 1-3/4" squares, 12 at-a-time

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